For Enjoyment and Serious Research

This library is an ideal source of information, both for personal enjoyment, or serious research. If you can not come to our Museum, we will take requests for information via telephone, (250) 655-3300, or Email:

Library and Archives contains over 8,000 titles of general and technical aviation books. In addition the library has 600 Videos, a picture file of over 13,500 pictures and a magazine collection of 30 Canadian and English publications, and the collection is growing!.

The collection is catalogued and listed in a computer database. Library material can be located using title, author or key word search. The collection is listed in PDF documents by title here and by author here. One can search PDF documents using "CTRL+F". Press "enter" to step between search results.

A few of our books are MIA and we are trying to locate them. If you have borrowed any of these and forgotten, please return them as soon as possible. If you have your own copy in your library and would like to donate them to our library that would be most welcome.

Visitors are welcome, but membership is required to take full advantage of the facilities.



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